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Meet some team members!

  • I'm really loving it! I had an amazing start during onboarding, meeting welcoming colleagues and getting inspired when learning about Addovation's growth journey. It's an environment that truly embraces fun, inspiration and engagement - encouraging creativity at every turn. Right now, we're engaged in the development of new services, and I can't wait to share them with you soon!


  • My experience at Addovation has been truly exceptional from day one. It has provided me with challenges, motivation and a profound sense of trust in my role. What sets this workplace apart and makes it truly remarkable is the work environment – a place where every individual is deeply engaged and genuinely passionate about their work.


  • From the minute I walked into the office, I could tell this place was different. It's not just about flashy words on a PowerPoint; the whole atmosphere and company culture are something you can actually feel. Since then, showing up for work has been something I genuinely look forward to. The Addovation crew has been super welcoming, like I've known them forever. This place feels like we're all on this exciting journey of growth as a company. What's cool is that I'm not just along for the ride - I get to actively shape it.


  • Beginning at Addovation has been a deep journey of growth and exploration. Surrounded by a team that promotes inclusivity and taking the lead, it's a place where we help each other when things get tough, and when we do well, we all celebrate together. It's nice to work for a company that lets you be yourself at work and values learning and improvement as steps toward success.


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